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Key facts

  • Enables better decision- making and more effective stakeholder engagement.

  • Runs on any computer with a web browser installed, avoiding the need for GIS software.

  • Allows you to share outputs online using a secure web link.

  • Designed to work independently or alongside Flood Modeller.

  • Provides a simple, intuitive GIS-like interface.

  • Extremely easy to set up using existing data.

  • Can be linked to live data feeds during emergency response scenarios.

Visualisation using Flood Modeller

Visualisation is a key part of every stage of working with your models. Flood Modeller provides an extensive suite of geospatial and graphical visualisation tools to help you build models more efficiently. It also allows you to interrogate their outputs, as well as a range of options for sharing and exporting results, including the Flood Viewer web-based visualisation platform.

For more information:

Flood Viewer is an intuitive tool that allows non-technical users to view and interrogate model and other flood-related data effortlessly, without the need for third-party software. It allows technical users to share information quickly, whilst representing flood information in an interactive way, enabling better decision- making and more effective stakeholder engagement.

Flood Viewer can be used to view outputs from models and existing flood maps, turning modelling information into user-friendly illustrations of the risk of flooding for a particular area.

Using the interactive slider, the software enables easy viewing of a range of flooding scenarios, such as different return-period events, climate scenarios or defence options. It is an excellent tool for flood incident rooms, making it easier to reliably access vital flood extents and contextual information leading up to and during a flood event.

Custom configurations can be linked to live data feeds to meet specific user needs. It also keeps flood information readily accessible and allows users to get more from their data.

Flood Viewer provides a range of tools to interrogate the data and show different scenarios. You can pan and zoom around the map and switch layers on and off as needed, including background mapping, property points, defence lines or aerial photography.

The software provides an integrated solution for sharing flood extents online, streamlining the way you collaborate with colleagues and clients. The setup tool in Flood Modeller helps you create a project, uploads your outputs to the Flood Viewer server and provides you with a secure web link to share with different stakeholders.

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