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Key facts

  • Allows you to seamlessly build upon existing HEC-RAS models using Flood Modeller.

  • Automatically extracts cross section data from HEC-RAS geometry files.

  • Builds unique section labels combining HEC-RAS river, reach and section names.

  • Transfers elevation data, distances to next section, georeferencing and roughness data.

  • Add boundary data to create a working Flood Modeller 1D network using HEC-RAS data.

  • Benefit from Flood Modeller’s user-friendly interface and feature rich Toolbox.

  • Automates repetitive, manual tasks - saving you time and money.

Flood Modeller allows you to import cross-sections defined in HEC-RAS models, automatically converting them to Flood Modeller 1D cross sections, removing the manual conversion process.

Flood Modeller allows you to read cross section data defined in HEC-RAS, select the data of interest and automatically convert it to Flood Modeller format.

Roughness values, distance to next section and geo-referencing information are also imported into the Flood Modeller network. This allows you to seamlessly display the cross-sections within Flood Modeller’s map view and incorporate background mapping.

Flood Modeller reads the specified HEC-RAS geometry file and will automatically define unique labels for each imported cross section. Labels within the software use the river and reach names, coupled with the given section label in HEC-RAS, which can be overwritten with your preferred naming convention if required.

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