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Key facts

  • Undertake more than 50 types of checks on your models.

  • Makes models run faster and with better convergence.

  • Removes common modelling errors, reducing model build times.

  • Option to select which checks are carried out on your model.

  • Helps to ensure that models conform to good modelling practice.

  • Automatically produces a health report for your model.

  • Allows you to quickly assess the quality of third-party models.

The Health Check tool is a model checking and auditing tool that can undertake more than 50 types of checks on 1D models. It identifies consistency errors, allowing the modelling process to be streamlined, reducing model build times.

The Health Check tool removes common modelling errors and assists in making models run faster, and with better convergence. It incorporates automatic and user-assisted error fixing which allows you to solve common modelling problems.

The checks are grouped to make it easier to apply those that are relevant for your particular type of model (e.g. in-bank models or extended cross section models). The Health Check tool helps to ensure that models conform to good modelling practice, such as node names including chainage.

The Health Check tool provides an efficient way to drill down and identify inconsistencies and errors within models. It allows you to focus your effort, saving time and money and helping to assure quality. The tool can also be used when you receive a third-party model and you want to quickly assess its quality.

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