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Damage calculations using Flood Modeller

Wednesday 21st August | 12 PM BST

Damage Calculator helps users quickly assess the overall economic impact of flooding on a catchment, allowing you to better understand the economic damage caused by a flood event.   

In this webinar, Stephen Bilby, Senior Flood Risk Analyst at Jacobs, will provide an overview of Damage Calculator input datasets, operation and outputs. He will cover the different damage categories it can calculate, the use of average annual and present value damages, the implementation of capping and write-off, and various time-saving tools and functions.

Our presenter

Stephen Bilby, Senior Flood Risk Analyst - Jacobs

Stephen has fifteen years of experience across a range of related Flood Risk Management disciplines, including hydraulic modelling, hydrology, GIS, economic assessment, and software development. On a day-to-day basis, he is involved in delivering work for many of the Environment Agency’s largest and most high-profile schemes, as well as providing training and quality checks on many smaller projects.  Stephen is responsible for programming Damage Calculator, and also plays a major role in designing new features and providing training to new users.

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