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Unexpected flooding

The impact of extreme weather events

Flooding is traditionally perceived as a river overtopping its banks with devastating consequences for the surrounding urban environment. Recent extreme rainfall in Scotland, Greece and the US have exhibited that surface water flooding can overwhelm subsurface drainage and sewer networks, leading to catastrophic impacts on our communities. 

In this webinar, we discuss how extreme rainfall can affect urban developments and demonstrate how Flood Modeller can be used to quickly and easily assess flood risk caused by potential flash flooding. 

We also show how surcharging drainage systems can be represented to provide an integrated hydraulic model and help assess flood risk more accurately. 

Our presenter

Cathy Johnson, Hydraulic Modeller – Jacobs

Cathy started her career as a hydraulic modeller in 2017 with Jacobs. She has worked across a range of flood risk and water management projects including river, coastal, and rainfall models as part of the water catchment management team in Jacobs.


Ben Watson, Senior Hydraulic Modeller, Jacobs

Ben is a Senior hydraulic modeller at Jacobs with over 5 years of experience of working in the Water and Environment industry. In his role, Ben works on hydraulic modelling projects on a daily basis using Flood Modeller for a range of clients both within the UK and abroad. He has been involved in benchmarking of the 1D urban solver and delivering Flood Modeller training courses.

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