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Unify your flood modelling

Wednesday 24th July | 12 PM BST

Flood Platform enables you to unify your flood modelling, whether you’re using Flood Modeller, TUFLOW or other hydraulic modelling software.

In this webinar, Adam Parkes, Technical Director for Flood Products at Jacobs, will demonstrate how Flood Platform allows you to:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of all your models and data, enabling new insights

  • Collaborate across your modelling teams, stakeholders and third-parties

  • Automate modelling processes using AI and machine learning

  • Accelerate delivery, reduce errors, and enhance the quality of your work

For further information visit the Flood Platform website.

Our presenter

Adam Parkes, Technical Director and Senior Hydrologist, Jacobs


Adam is a chartered scientist with 20 years' experience in hydrology and hydraulic modelling, working across a broad range of flood risk and water management projects.  He provides technical leadership for flood risk management projects, including mapping, appraisal and scheme design, alongside a wide range of related projects, including asset inspection, reservoir design, urban flooding, data capture and management.

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