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Hydraulic Modelling for Habitat Creation

Natural flood management, coastal change, and aspirations for greater biodiversity are increasingly utilising hydraulic modelling and other geospatial techniques to evaluate potential opportunities.

While advances in hydraulic modelling are making complex models more accessible, sometimes a simplified approach is more suitable for rapid testing and answering the question “will it work?”.

Paddy West, Senior hydraulic Modeller at Binnies, showcases the way in which Flood Modeller has been used to explore various options to recreate intertidal habitat from reclaimed farmland.

Paddy demonstrates how Flood Modeller’s 1D solver and its in-built tools, together with GIS-post processing, can be used to model and map dynamic tidal inundation in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Our presenter

Paddy West, Senior Hydraulic Modeller - Binnies

Paddy West is a senior hydraulic modeller at Binnies and a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager with 8 years’ experience across flood modelling, mapping, and flood risk management. Through his experience of modelling from detailed flood defence design to habitat restoration, Paddy seeks to develop efficient modelling solutions depending on the problem at hand.

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