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Flood modelling | When data changes lives

Thursday 29th February | 12 PM GMT

Join Lee Pitcher, Director of Water and Environment for Europe at Jacobs, to take a look at some tangible examples of how flood modelling has ultimately led to changing lives in communities through economic growth, new jobs and inspiring future generations.

Day-to-day, we use a range of datasets to assess flood risk and decide on the best mitigating options to limit its impact on our communities and assets. This webinar goes beyond the technical application to highlight what our flood modelling work means from a customer perspective and how flood resilience can be a catalyst for lasting positive change.

Our presenter

Lee Pitcher, Director of Water and Environment for Europe, Jacobs

Lee is an award winning executive with almost 25 years experience in the water industry.  He is respected for his strong social values and his dedication to environmental improvement through partnership working.  Starting on the front line in waste water, Lee has gone onto hold senior roles in Asset Management, Strategy, Customer Services, Operations and Transformation.  Most recently, he was a Board member for the industry leading Living with Water programme and Head of Partnerships for Yorkshire Water where he directed several transformational projects to pioneer developments in land, nature, water and coastal environments.  His work has seen him become a recognised expert in the sphere of climate resilience.  A subject matter for which he was invited to deliver a keynote speech on the global stage at COP26.

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