Options Appraisal for Flood Risk Management

Wednesday 7th December 2022 | 12PM GMT

As part of Flood Risk Management, options appraisal is paramount to identify and assess the different options available with the objective to implement sustainable flood risk solutions in line with the economic, social and environmental characteristics of the scheme.

This webinar will give you an overview of options appraisal as part of flood risk management. Using a real-life case study, it will illustrate why options appraisal is so important and how it can be carried out for a positive outcome and how Flood Modeller can help you appraise and compare the benefits and costs of each option.



David Webborn  - Head of BIM and Digital Engineering, Jacobs

David is a chartered civil engineer, environmentalist and project manager working within the water and environment sector, with a passion for delivering sustainable civil infrastructure projects and digital innovation. This has seen him become a leader in implementing digital design technologies to deliver added value for clients and a more efficient and streamlined business - a role which he now delivers for Jacobs' Water and Environment business.

Over his career, David has executed a broad portfolio of sustainable flood risk management solutions to various public and private sector clients. He has key experience in the appraisal, design and preparation of business cases for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) schemes. He also has extensive experience in the design of sustainable drainage, river and reservoir engineering solutions on projects in a wide variety of sectors. The types of projects that he has contributed to include transport hubs, ports, hospitals and schools.

Adam Parkes  - Head of Discipline, Hydrology, Jacobs

Adam is a chartered hydraulic modeller and hydrologist with over 16 years' experience working for large multidisciplinary engineering consultancies. His role primarily relates to hydrology, fluvial hydraulic modelling, and flood risk management, with experience covering the full breadth of work (including hydrology, hydraulic modelling, tendering, project management, technical management).

He has worked on a broad range of public sector projects, primarily for the Environment Agency, as well as for private clients and utility providers. Work has included: Flood mapping, Flood alleviation schemes, Flood forecasting, Flood Risk Assessments, Reservoir Act assessments, Drainage strategies (SuDS).

He regularly provides technical training both internally and external in hydraulic modelling and hydrological analysis, as well as supporting Jacobs Flood Modeller development team to produce new features.

In addition, He is actively involved in work winning activities, including under the Environment Agency's NGSA frameworks.

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