Free webinar 
Quickly and easily add structures to your 1D river model
25th May at 12:00 BST

Join Cristina Agafon-Danila, Senior Hydraulic Modeller at Jacobs, to learn how to effectively add structures to your river models.

Cristina Agafon-Danila.jpg

Cristina Agafon-Danila is a Senior Modeller and Hydrologist at Jacobs. She has successfully delivered a wide range of hydraulic modelling and hydrological related projects, and is also part of the Flood Modeller client services team.


In this webinar, Cristina will highlight the varied types of structures, such as weirs, culverts, and bridges, demonstrate how to efficiently add these into your river network, and teach you which type is most effective in different scenarios. 

This webinar is perfect for modellers of all abilities, teaching new modellers the basics of structures and showing more experienced modellers how to use them effectively. 

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