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This one-day course focuses on 2D flood modelling using Flood Modeller's ADI, TVD and FAST solvers. It also introduces 1D-2D linked modelling.

The training course is presented from a practical point of view by expert modellers and is delivered through a series of presentations, hands-on practicals and open discussion sessions.

Each training course can accommodate up to eight individuals which ensures the best possible learning experience is provided.

Attendee feedback

"The course tutor was more than happy to field various questions, provide advice on existing models in development, and offered lots of practical advice on making the best use of the software’s functionality"

“Our instructor was very knowledgeable, personable and friendly and he conducted the course in a very professional manner. He was also very willing to help and presented things clearly. I would recommend this course for others, it was very helpful"

"Really enjoyable and informative course. The practicals were challenging, but broken down into achievable steps, and the presentations helped to introduce the skills clearly. The tutor was a patient and extremely helpful instructor"

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, attendees will appreciate the pros and cons of 2D modelling and the data required in order to undertake it. Attendees will have a good understanding of the 2D functionality (ADI, TVD and FAST solvers) within the software and know when it is applicable to apply each solver.

Attendees will be able to use the software to build 2D and 1D-2D linked models, and understand how to post-process results to effectively visualise outputs.

Course prerequisites

This course assumes a basic understanding of 1D modelling using Flood Modeller. It is aimed at new users of the software who want to learn about 2D modelling techniques, including overland flows, breach and culvert modelling.

Additional information

Comprehensive course notes, practical exercises and additional support material is provided to everybody that attends the course.

Specialist training laptops and software are provided to each attendee allowing you to undertake the training effectively.

The course starts at 09:30 and finishes at 17:00.

Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the course.


Typical course structure

  • Flood Modeller: An overview

  • Introduction to 2D modelling

  • ADI, TVD and FAST 2D solvers

  • Running 2D simulations

  • Post-processing 2D results

  • Multi-domain modelling

  • Surface water 2D models

  • 1D model linking

  • Incorporating breaches and culverts

  • Coastal inundation modelling

  • Troubleshooting 2D models

  • Overview of Flood Modeller toolkit

  • Integrating 1D and 2D flood maps

Why attend our training course?

  • Comprehensive notes and other training materials are provided

  • Practical exercises (including data sets) are included as part of every course

  • A dedicated training laptop is provided to each attendee to undertake the course effectively

  • Specialist software is provided to each attendee to undertake the practicals

  • A maximum of 8 individuals can attend each course, ensuring the best possible learning experience

  • Delivered at different times and venues throughout the UK

  • Run by the developers of the software

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The Flood Modeller interface
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