Advanced Flood Modeller

Enhance your knowledge and understanding of Flood Modeller

Course description

Enhance your modelling capabilities by registering for our advanced course which is designed for experienced users wishing to further their knowledge of Flood Modeller. This one-day training course is aimed at those involved in the development and review of hydraulic models and focuses primarily on model diagnostics and debugging, advanced structures and Flood Modeller automation tools.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course, you will have an appreciation for several initialisation and runtime errors that can occur when using Flood Modeller, and understand how to fix these. You will learn how to use a number of review tools within Flood Modeller to identify problematic areas of your model and how these can be improved upon. You will also gain experience using the latest automation tools and obtain detailed insight into the use of structures.

Course structure

You will cover a range of topics throughout the training which include:

1D numerics

Advanced parameters

Model diagnostics and tools

Model instabilities

Initialisation errors

Runtime errors

Advanced structures

Automation tools

Diagnostic tools

Additional information

The course assumes an understanding of 1D modelling and Flood Modeller's user interface.

Comprehensive course notes, practical exercises and additional support material is provided to everybody that attends the course.

Specialist training laptops and software are provided to each attendee allowing you to undertake the training effectively.

Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the course.

The course starts at 09:30 and finishes at 17:00.

Upcoming dates

Online Course

28th & 29th June 2021

Advanced Flood Modeller


Online Course

21st & 22nd September 2021

Advanced Flood Modeller


"The Advanced Flood Modeller course I attended was excellent and I would strongly recommend it to others."