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When speed matters

Not going to meet your deadline? Waiting days to get all of your results? Flood Cloud accelerates the running of large numbers of flood modelling simulations, providing results fast. Our pay as you go service enables you to instantly access unlimited computing resources, in the cloud, delivering the step change needed for better analysis and design.

Automation is key

Wasting time manually submitting runs? Don't want to spend time setting up your own cloud resources? Flood Cloud is a fully automated solution that manages the entire process at the click of a button. It automatically uploads your data to the cloud, starts to run each simulation whilst providing real-time feedback on their progress and downloads the results straight to your computer.  

For greater analysis

Don't have enough computing resource or software licences to assess all the options? Are clients asking for more detailed analysis? Flood Cloud allows you to undertake greater analysis, enabling improved calibration, and a better understanding of uncertainty. It allows more options to be assessed, enabling better design and more effective flood defences.

Find out more about Flood Cloud

Find out more about how you can benefit from using Flood Cloud on your upcoming projects - saving you time and money.

Case studies

Keadby pumping station appraisal, England

Flood Cloud enabled more than 100 simulations to be completed in two days instead of 70 days. This significant saving enabled the modellers to build more precise models with better and more accurate calibration and investigate more scenarios to gain greater confidence in their design solution.

Newton Stewart flood defence scheme, Scotland

Flood Cloud enabled more than 300 Flood Modeller simulations (1D-2D linked model) to be completed in just a few hours. Processing time was reduced from 31 days to 2.5 hours, significantly reducing the programme and cut costs for the project.

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