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TUFLOW simulates flood and tidal flow and has been applied to a wide range of applications for over 25 years.

TUFLOW is suited to modelling flooding of rivers and creeks with complex flow patterns, overland and piped flows through urban areas, estuarine and coastal tide hydraulics as well as inundation from storm tides and tsunamis. The industry-leading 1D solver within Flood Modeller can be seamlessly linked to TUFLOW, enabling an integrated approach to modelling, combining open-channel, closed pipe and overland flow.

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Robust 1D and 2D solvers for simulating flood and tidal flow

ESTRY solves the full 1D free-surface St Venant flow equations, and is suited to modelling complex river geometries and pipe network systems. It includes the handling of upstream controlled flow regimes such as weir and supercritical flows, and can be linked together.

TUFLOW uses an Alternating Direction Implicit scheme to solve the full 2D free surface shallow water flow equations. It is particularly suited towards establishing flow and inundation patterns in floodplains, coastal waters, rivers and urban areas.

TUFLOW HPC utilises the parallel computing ability of Graphics Processor Units, substantially reducing run times. The solver is an explicit solution of the full 2D shallow water equations and offers 2nd order solution scheme accuracy and includes sub-grid scale eddy viscosity. 

Deliver your TUFLOW projects faster

Flood Cloud helps you to deliver your TUFLOW projects faster and more cost-effectively – providing on-demand resources in the cloud. It is an innovative service that enables you to seamlessly undertake flood modelling, at any scale, in the cloud.

Until recently the required outputs from flood modelling were typically selected water levels and flood extents from a handful of simulations. Now, a much richer set of results are required, perhaps covering ten or more annual exceedance probabilities, with various climate change scenarios and a range of flood management options.

This, together with the move towards detailed 2D modelling, has resulted in a step change in the computational resources needed to undertake the modelling. 

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Integrate with Jacobs' Flood Modeller software

TUFLOW users can dynamically link to Jacobs' Flood Modeller software and benefit from the GIS-like interface, wide-range of hydraulic structures and industry-leading 1D solver.

Linking Flood Modeller and TUFLOW enables an integrated approach to modelling, combining open-channel, closed pipe and overland flow, suitable for modelling flood risk in urban areas, amongst other scenarios.

Flood Modeller's user-friendly interface enables the development, running and analysis of flood models within a single environment. The 1D solver within the software incorporates a runtime link to TUFLOW enabling the construction of 1D-2D linked models to simulate the interaction between river and floodplain flows. 

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