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TUFLOW is an established 1D and 2D modelling software for simulating flood and tidal flow. Its powerful solvers have been successfully applied to a wide range of applications for over 25 years. Jacobs is a distributor for TUFLOW, providing front line technical support and specialist training.

It is particularly suited to modelling flooding of rivers and creeks with complex flow patterns, overland and piped flows through urban areas, estuarine and coastal tide hydraulics as well as inundation from storm tides and tsunamis. The industry-leading 1D solver within Flood Modeller can be seamlessly linked to TUFLOW, enabling an integrated approach to modelling, combining open-channel, closed pipe and overland flow.

TUFLOW provides robust 1D and 2D solvers for simulating flood and tidal flow. The proven 2D solver uses an Alternating Direction Implicit (ADI) scheme to solve the full 2D free surface shallow water flow equations. It is particularly well suited towards establishing flow and inundation patterns in floodplains, coastal waters, rivers and urban areas.

ESTRY, the primary 1D engine of TUFLOW solves the full 1D free-surface St Venant flow equations, and is suited to modelling complex river geometries and pipe network systems. Both 1D and 2D solvers of TUFLOW include the handling of upstream controlled flow regimes such as weir and supercritical flows, and can be easily linked together.

TUFLOW's HPC 2D solver utilises the parallel computing ability of NVIDIA Graphics Processor Units (GPUs), therefore substantially reducing simulation times. The HPC 2D solver is an explicit solution of the full 2D shallow water equations. It offers 2nd order solution scheme accuracy and includes sub-grid scale eddy viscosity. It has been specifically designed for accurate high-speed solutions of complex 2D overland and 1D river or underground pipe network flow, allowing for the simulation of very large rural or urban models with a fine resolution.

TUFLOW flood mapping results highlighting potential flood risk

Links to Flood Modeller

The TUFLOW link is a dynamic link between Flood Modeller and TUFLOW, including its 1D component, ESTRY. It enables an integrated approach to modelling, combining open-channel, closed pipe and overland flow, suitable for modelling flood risk in urban areas, amongst other scenarios.

The Flood Modeller interface

User-friendly interface

Flood Modeller provides a user-friendly interface that offers an alternative to using GIS software as it enables users to build, run and visualise models within a single piece of software. It provides a range of tools to define the GIS components of a TUFLOW model by manipulating existing data or using the built-in GIS functionality to 'draw' new elements onto a map.

Flood Cloud

Cloud computing

Flood Cloud enables users to seamlessly undertake flood risk modelling, at any scale, in the cloud. It delivers the on demand computational resource required to deliver the step change needed for better information on flooding. Flood Cloud provides users of Flood Modeller and TUFLOW with a new way to run flood models.

Key features of TUFLOW

  • Powerful solvers: reliable and benchmarked solvers which have been applied to real-world applications

  • Multiple 2D domains: vary the cell size, orientation, extent and timestep within a single model

  • 1D-2D linking: seamlessly link ESTRY (1D) and TUFLOW (2D) to enable integrated 1D-2D modelling

  • Structures: wide range of 1D and 2D structures, including culverts, bridges, weirs, gates and pumps

  • Links to Flood Modeller: dynamically link TUFLOW and ESTRY to Flood Modeller

  • Specialist training: scheduled and bespoke technical training courses are available from Jacobs

  • Fast simulation times: the HPC 2D solver utilises the parallel computing ability of GPUs to substantially reduce simulation times

  • Licence free mode: access the full range of TUFLOW features licence free for in-house training

  • Various output options: a wide range of output options, styles and formats are available

  • Affordable: cost effective software with flexible licensing and inexpensive networking options

  • Versions: 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available with regular interim updates and extensive annual releases

  • Graphic user interface: construct models using Flood Modeller's user interface at no additional cost

  • Online help: access to a detailed manual, tutorial models and an active online forum and wiki

  • Technical support: access to Jacobs's front line technical support, at no additional cost, in addition to the services provided by BMT WBM



TUFLOW HPC, in combination with the GPU module, has been designed for high accuracy, high-speed solutions of complex 1D and 2D hydraulics. TUFLOW's GPU module allows TUFLOW HPC to access graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware for its compute, delivering a 10 to 100 times speed increase!

The GPU module has been configured to allow access to multiple GPU cards in parallel for a single simulation. This provides exceptional performance for larger models with 10’s of millions of 2D cells and makes the GPU module well suited to high speed, high accuracy real-time applications.

TUFLOW HPC and its GPU module seamlessly slot into TUFLOW “Classic” and can also be linked to Flood Modeller Pro's 1D solver.

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