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Seamless integration with flood early warning systems

Flood Modeller can be seamlessly integrated with DelftFEWS, Deltares’ Flood Early Warning System, providing a state-of-the-art hydrological forecast and warning system. The system is a sophisticated collection of modules designed for building a hydrological forecasting system, customised to the specific requirements of an individual organisation.

Delft-FEWS adapter

The Environment Agency for England and Natural Resources Wales’ implement Delft-FEWS within their National Flood Forecasting System

Developing hydrological forecasting and warning systems is an essential element in regional and national strategies. Recent developments in numerical weather prediction, radar data and online meteorological and hydrological data collection have resulted in an increasing focus on data import and data processing.

The challenges for developing a modern hydrological forecasting and warning system are found in the integration of large data sets, specialised modules to process the data and open interfaces to allow easy integration of existing modelling capacities.

Delft-FEWS provides an open system that accommodates a wide range of existing forecasting models. Integrating Flood Modeller using a freely available adapter, through an open XML-based published interface, allows advanced flood modelling to forecast potential flood risk effectively.

Although originally developed for hydrological forecasting and warning, Delft-FEWS is now applied to day-to-day operational management, real-time control and forecasting and warning in other disciplines, including water quality and navigation.

As part of Delft-FEWS, Flood Modeller is designed to rapidly and robustly perform the calculations required to predict water levels and flows as a result of rainfall and/or extreme sea levels hours or days ahead. It allows the user to forecast water levels and flow rates with confidence, depending on availability of data and response time of the system.

Jacobs industry leading flood modelling software is used by a range of agencies and infrastructure owners to forecast potential flooding, providing sufficient lead time to take effective action to prevent or reduce the impacts of flooding.

Our software is the primary hydrodynamic modelling tool used in the UK government’s flood forecasting systems. There are over 200 models operational within the Environment Agency’s (England) and Natural Resources Wales’ National Flood Forecasting System (NFFS) as well as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s (SEPA) flood forecasting system – all of which utilise Delft-FEWS.

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