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Developed for over 40 years, our solvers have become one of the fastest and most robust solutions available, making it an ideal choice for flood modelling applications. Model rivers, floodplains and urban areas at the right level of detail, using our powerful 1D and 2D solvers

1D Steady Solver

Our 1D Steady Solver provides both direct steady-state and Pseudo-Timestepping methods to optimise run-time and enhance model stability. The main steady state solution method is called the Direct Method and is applicable to in-bank flow regimes.

1D Unsteady Solver

The unsteady simulation solver employs the Preissmann implicit scheme to solve the equations for free surface flow, based on the Saint-Venant equations for flow in open channels. These are used in conjunction with the governing hydraulic equations for each hydraulic structure.

2D ADI solver

The ADI solver has been developed for fluvial, overland, estuarine and coastal modelling problems where the flow is not rapidly changing.

It is quick, accurate and robust, and is based on the long-established depth integrated velocities and solute transport (DIVAST) numerical engine which was first developed in the 1980s.

2D TVD solver

The TVD solver has been developed specifically to provide accurate representation of two-dimensional ‘shocks’ (rapid changes in water surface profile).

This solver allows complex hydraulics to be calculated more accurately and provides increased stability as TVD simulations are less prone to numerical oscillations than other solvers.

2D FAST solver

The FAST solver has been developed to enable rapid assessments of flooding. It provides results up to 1,000 times quicker than traditional 2D solvers.

Providing results in seconds or minutes, as opposed to hours or days, different types of flooding can be rapidly screened, considerably reducing the cost and time spent modelling.

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