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Seamlessly model large and complex river, floodplain and urban drainage systems.

Flood Modeller provides users with a flexible and cost-effective range of tools for proactive decision-making to help manage our environment and the challenges associated with flood risk. It is suitable for a wide range of engineering and environmental applications, from calculating simple backwater profiles to modelling entire catchments to mapping potential flood risk for entire countries.

Flood Modeller brings together industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers, providing an integrated catchment modelling solution, within a single application.

Industry-leading solvers

Developed for over 40 years, our solvers have become one of the fastest and most robust solutions available, making them an ideal choice for flood modelling applications. You can model rivers, floodplains and urban areas at the right level of detail, using our powerful 1D and 2D solvers. 

User-friendly interface

Flood Modeller’s GIS-like, user-friendly interface delivers an intuitive environment for building, running and analysing models. It can be fully customised and offers superior workflows and support for multi-screen working. It consists of a number of panels which display information about your current project and its associated datasets as well as the different tools and features to facilitate the modelling process. 

Flood Modeller Thames Barrier.png

Visualisation and analysis

Flood Modeller includes a range of powerful visualisation tools for your 1D and 2D models and their results. Whether you want to display flood extents within Google Earth, animate flood mapping data in three-dimension or visualise cross-sections data of your 1D model, Flood Modeller makes it easy to view, share and export results to a range of common formats.

Advanced structures with logical rules

Water levels are often influenced significantly by weirs, sluices, bridges and other structures within the watercourse. Flood Modeller’s industry-leading 1D river solver includes a wide-range of special hydraulic structure units as standard. Additionally, selected structures can be configured with automatic operation that incorporates logical control rules. 

Structures within Flood Modeller

Hydrological boundaries

Hydrological boundary units are provided within Flood Modeller allowing you to specify any combination of rainfall, evaporation or infiltration data. Use one of a range of generic and country specific methods that are already integrated with Flood Modeller, such as the Flood Estimation Handbook, Revitalised Flood Hydrograph and US Soil Conservation Service.

Third-party integration

Integrated with third-party software including the US EPA SWMM, Deltares’ Delft-FEWS and BMT’s TUFLOW, Flood Modeller allows users to incorporate elements of existing flood models and systems, directly within the customisable user-interface. It provides an intuitive environment for building, running and analysing flood models, and incorporates an open data file format and structure, allowing users to incorporate bespoke tools and customised workflows.


Case studies

Lowestoft Estuary Inception Modelling Study, England

Tidal modelling, England

In order to map flood risk from a potential tidal storm surge propagating up the Lowestoft Estuary and into Lake Lothing, the Flood Modeller 2D ADI solver was used to develop a two-dimensional model to incorporate the estuary, Lake Lothing and the Kirkley Stream channel.


Dam breach analysis, USA

Jacobs performed dam-breach modelling using the 1D and 2D solvers within Flood Modeller to confirm hazard classification of the Lane City Reservoir dam and develop dam-failure inundation maps for an Emergency Action Plan.

Inundation flood mapping in Boston, USA

Inundation mapping, USA

Flood Modeller was used to map the possible effects of forecasted precipitation, sea level rise (SLR), storm surge and river dynamics in and around the Boston Water and Sewer Commission’s service area for the present and future years within a risk management framework.

Flood modelling of the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia

Flood mapping, Australia

Flood Modeller's industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers have been applied to simulate combined fluvial and direct rainfall flooding in a sub-catchment of the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia.

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