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Flood Modeller

Available for free, Flood Modeller's industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers allow you to seamlessly model large and complex river, floodplain and urban drainage systems.

It provides users with a flexible and cost-effective range of tools for proactive decision-making to help manage our environment and the challenges associated with flood risk. It is suitable for a wide range of engineering and environmental applications, from calculating simple backwater profiles to modelling entire catchments to mapping potential flood risk for entire countries.

Integrated with third-party software including the US EPA SWMM, Deltares’ Delft-FEWS and BMT’s TUFLOW, it allows users to incorporate elements of existing flood models and systems, directly within the customisable user-interface. It provides an intuitive environment for building, running and analysing flood models, and incorporates an open data file format and structure, allowing users to incorporate bespoke tools and customised workflows.

Better than ever

Available at no cost, Flood Modeller brings together our industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers, providing an integrated catchment modelling solution, within a single GIS-like application. 

Innovative features

We incorporate the latest technologies and innovations available. This, underpinned by proven performance and efficient ways of working, allow us to develop solutions such as Flood Cloud.

User friendly

Designed to streamline the modelling process and automate repetitive tasks, Flood Modeller provides a range of tools enable you to build and run models more intuitively than ever before.


Advanced solvers

Provides industry-leading, fully hydrodynamic 1D and 2D solvers that are designed to work independently, or together, enabling dynamic interaction between 1D and 2D models.


Includes a wide-range of hydraulic structures as standard, including weirs, sluices, orifices and bridges. Structures with automatic operation incorporate logical control rules.


Provides embedded tools for modelling hydrological events, it can model both short and long-term hydrological events, direct rainfall, evaporation and infiltration, as well as water demands and abstractions.

User interface

Incorporates a user-friendly interface that delivers an intuitive environment for building, running and analysing models. It offers superior workflows and support for multi-screen working.

3rd party integration

The functionality of Flood Modeller can be extended, and linkages to pre-existing models formed, by integrating with third-party software such as BMT's TUFLOW, EPA SWMM and Deltares Delft-FEWS.

Tools and features

Flood Modeller provides users with a wide-range of tools and features as standard - all designed around user needs to improve productivity and efficiency.

Open file system

Built on an open file system, integrate Flood Modeller with your own workflows. It enables users to view and edit model data files and integrate custom tools quickly and efficiently.



A range of analysis and flood visualisation tools for spatial data are provided at no extra cost, allowing data to be shared with key stakeholders.

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Case studies

Lowestoft Estuary Inception Modelling Study, England

Tidal modelling, England

In order to map flood risk from a potential tidal storm surge propagating up the Lowestoft Estuary and into Lake Lothing, the Flood Modeller 2D ADI solver was used to develop a two-dimensional model to incorporate the estuary, Lake Lothing and the Kirkley Stream channel.


Dam breach analysis, USA

Jacobs performed dam-breach modelling using the 1D and 2D solvers within Flood Modeller to confirm hazard classification of the Lane City Reservoir dam and develop dam-failure inundation maps for an Emergency Action Plan.

Inundation flood mapping in Boston, USA

Inundation mapping, USA

Flood Modeller was used to map the possible effects of forecasted precipitation, sea level rise (SLR), storm surge and river dynamics in and around the Boston Water and Sewer Commission’s service area for the present and future years within a risk management framework.

Flood modelling of the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia

Flood mapping, Australia

Flood Modeller's industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers have been applied to simulate combined fluvial and direct rainfall flooding in a sub-catchment of the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia.

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