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Real time flood warning updates - direct to your smartphone

Available on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, our highly successful smartphone flood warning application allows users to receive real time updates on flood alerts and warnings near them, at locations important to them and for the rest of England and Wales.

Over five million people in England and Wales live and work in properties that are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. Everyone in an 'at risk' area needs to be aware of flooding and keep an eye on the water levels and weather situation. You can do this by checking the flood forecasts and the river and sea levels on the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales websites, by listening to local news and weather forecasts or by simply opening the Flood Alert application on your smartphone.

Using the latest technology available, the Environment Agency provides Jacobs, as a licensed flood warning service provider, live flood warning data throughout England and Wales, 24 hours a day (updated every 15 minutes). Data for Wales is provided by Natural Resources Wales.

Using the live flood warning feeds, Jacobs has developed Flood Alert, a smartphone application, which allows users to monitor flooding quickly, efficiently and conveniently in areas that are important or close to them. The application provides guidance on how to be prepared and what to do when it floods, together with associated and relevant links to the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales websites. It also allows you to contact FloodLine, the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service, to obtain further information.

Key features of Flood Alert

National overview

An overall view of flood warnings within England and Wales is available within the application. Users can monitor flooding events on a national scale, viewing current flood warnings in force in each county, local authority or Environment Agency/Natural Resources Wales region. 

Specific locations

Users can register for a Flood Alert account where they can save important locations, such as residential or business addresses. For each saved location, Flood Alert will provide notifications up to two days in advance of predicted flooding, allowing users to prepare well ahead.

Near to the user

Using the geo-location functionality in a user’s smartphone, Flood Alert shows any flood warnings within 5 km of the current location and information about any potential risks.

Featured products

Flood Cloud

Flood Cloud enables users to seamlessly undertake flood modelling, at any scale, in the cloud. It provides users of Flood Modeller and TUFLOW with an innovative new way to run 1D, 2D and linked 1D-2D models.

Flood Modeller

Flood Modeller Pro delivers a fully integrated flood modelling experience. With a legacy stretching back 40 years, it allows users to model rivers, floodplains and urban areas, using our powerful 1D and 2D solvers.

Flood Portal

Flood Portal helps clients to quickly and effectively manage flood and asset data. It is a flexible and modular system allowing users to share information securely across teams within their organisation, project partners or stakeholders.

Flood Viewer

Flood Viewer represents flood information in an interactive way, enabling better decision-making and more effective engagement with stakeholders. It enables users to quickly and effectively visualise data and share project outputs.

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