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Flood Modeller Free provides the same user-friendly interface and industry-leading solvers as Flood Modeller Pro for building and running smaller models. It provides 250 1D nodes and 100,000 2D cells at no cost, allowing you to seamlessly upgrade as and when your project evolves.

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Integrated interface

Flood Modeller Free provides a visually stunning user interface that delivers an intuitive, user-friendly environment for building, running and analysing flood models.

Powerful 1D and 2D solvers

Flood Modeller Free allows you to model river channels, floodplains and urban areas at the right level of detail, using our powerful 1D and 2D solvers or our unique rapid inundation solver.

Hydraulic structures

Flood Modeller Free enables you to include hydraulic structures in both 1D and 2D models. Structures with automatic operation incorporate logical control rules.


Flood Modeller Free provides a range of embedded tools for modelling hydrological events, typically for use in flood risk management studies.

A range of tools

Flood Modeller Free provides a range of tools designed to increase your productivity and improve efficiency, including the automatic interpolator and TIN creator.

Visualise and analyse

Flood Modeller Free provides a range of analysis and visualisation tools for spatial data. Model results can also be visualised and shared with Flood Viewer.

Training in Flood Modeller Free

1D modelling using Flood Modeller

This course provides an overview of 1D modelling and guides attendees through the building, running and reviewing of their own models.

2D modelling using Flood Modeller

This course focuses on 2D modelling using Flood Modeller's ADI, TVD and FAST solvers. It also introduces 1D-2D linked modelling.

Introducing Flood Modeller

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