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The 1D sediment transport add-on for Flood Modeller Pro predicts the sediment transport rates and patterns of erosion/deposition in river channels. It has been applied to many natural and engineered channels and has been used to study sedimentation problems for both uniform and graded sediments.

The 1D sediment transport add-on includes six sediment transport equations and is able to predict sediment transport rates, bed elevations and amounts of erosion or deposition throughout a channel system.

This is achieved by using the Flood Modeller 1D solver to calculate the hydraulic variables of flow, stage, velocity at each timestep.

Starting at the upstream end of the system, the sediment transport add-on then loops around the nodes calculating the sediment transport capacity and solving the sediment continuity equation for depth of erosion/deposition.

The add-on then updates the channel conveyance tables to allow for any calculated deposition or erosion ready for the next timestep

Various options are available within this add-on including specification of dredging, cohesive sediment transport and rigid beds.

The sediment transport module ‘works on top of’ a standard Flood Modeller model and therefore, if suitable sediment data are available, it is easy to add sediment transport simulations to your river modelling project.

  • Available at no cost as part of the free version of Flood Modeller

  • Easy to add sediment transport simulations to existing modelling projects

  • Uses multiple bed layers to enable simulation of bed armouring effects

  • Incorporates six equations (Engelund-Hansen (1967), Ackers-White (1973), Revised Ackers-White (1993), Westrich-Jurashek (1985), Parker (1990) and Modified Parker (1990))

  • Provides various outputs, including model diagnostics, sediment concentration and transport rate, bed material sizes and sizes in transport for sediment distribution

  • Includes many user selected options, including sediment grading curves, inclusion of dynamic dredging, specification of ‘rigid bed’ reaches and an option to update the channel geometry

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