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Flood Modeller Pro’s Health Check tool is a model checking and auditing tool.  It can undertake more than 50 types of checks on 1D models allowing the modelling process to be streamlined and reduce overall model build times.

The checks are grouped to make it easier to apply those that are relevant for particular types of model (e.g. in-bank models or extended cross section models). The Health Check tool helps to ensure that models conform to good modelling practice (such as node names including chainage).

The Health Check functionality is an efficient way to drill down and identify inconsistencies and errors within models. The tool allows you to focus your effort thus saving time and money and helping to assure quality. The tool is best used as you develop a model. It can also be used when you receive a model developed by others and you want to quickly assess its quality.

How to use the Health Checker

The tool can be accessed via the: Toolbox > Model Review Tools > 1D Models > 1D Health Check. The tool is easy to use. The current model is automatically selected and checks can be carried out in groups or individually. The tool produces a structured report including a report summary showing the checks that have been carried out followed by details of the outcomes of the checks. Although the report uses the terms ‘passed’ or ‘failed’, this is only guidance and user judgement is required to decide whether the issues identified actually require further action.

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