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Lowestoft Estuary Inception Modelling Study, England

Evaluating flood risk is made easier by using probability-depth floodplain maps, which can allow you to better understand the uncertainties involved in flood risk modelling and more accurately represent the natural variability of floodplain systems.

Similarly, the use of floodplain maps to support emergency response and direct land use decisions is simpler when the user has an appreciation of potential sources of flooding and underlying uncertainties and can communicate this to other stakeholders, including emergency response teams, floodplain regulators, developers, and community members.

Floodplain maps are an essential tool for land use planning in flood-prone areas. A floodplain map is a topographic map where the hypothetical flood characteristics are represented graphically.

Flood Modeller Pro is an essential tool for floodplain mapping projects, because the user can customise the application of the software, and use only the necessary functions to optimize floodplain modelling.

Flood Modeller Pro includes a range of flexible tools which allow the modelling approach to be tailored to best suit study needs, by applying a level of detail commensurate with local risk, avoiding unnecessarily detailed analysis and allowing lower cost “fit for purpose” results in many areas.

Tools available within Flood Modeller Pro can help floodplain managers understand flood mechanisms, and target funds to apply more detailed and costly modelling and mapping in higher risk locations. This allows modellers and floodplain managers to direct their expert judgment and local knowledge, guiding the choice of the most cost-effective modelling approach, rather than defaulting to the most detailed, costly method for the entire study area.

  • ŸAllows the creation of flood maps and animated flood sequences using the flood mapping tool within Flood Modeller Pro

  • Compatible with many commonly used GIS data types and provides both two and three-dimensional viewing options to enable the most appropriate level of interaction for your needs

  • Includes a range of 1D units which can be used to represent in-channel and floodplain features

  • ŸExpensive GIS software isn’t required for the visualisation and analysis of flood risk as tools to perform these tasks are part of Flood Modeller Pro and Flood Viewer

  • ŸEasily load 1D model results to a triangulated irregular network (TIN) to generate flood extents

  • Outputs from Flood Modeller Pro and existing flood maps can be viewed using Flood Viewer, turning modelling information into user-friendly illustrations

  • Flood Modeller Pro can export flood mapping outputs directly into Google Earth format. This provides further options for visualising and sharing results

  • Allows the user to work with their geo-referenced data sets for model building and results analysis

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