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Flood Modeller v4.4

Model rivers, floodplains and urban areas using our industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers.


Take your first steps with our industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers in the fully functional Flood Modeller Free, then seamlessly upgrade to Flood Modeller Pro to build larger models.

Flood Modeller

Flood Modeller delivers a fully integrated flood modelling experience. With a legacy stretching back 40 years, it allows users to model rivers, floodplains and urban areas, using our powerful solvers - all at no cost.

Download the factsheet

Find out how Flood Modeller can help manage our environment and the challenges associated with flood risk.

Flood Cloud Laptop.png

Flood Cloud

Seamlessly undertake flood risk modelling in the cloud using Flood Modeller, TUFLOW or HEC-RAS.

Need additional resources? Seamlessly access on-demand hardware and software in the cloud, enabling you to reduce costs and deliver projects quicker.

Flood Cloud

Flood Cloud enables users to seamlessly undertake flood modelling, at any scale, in the cloud. It provides users of Flood Modeller and TUFLOW with an innovative new way to run 1D, 2D and linked 1D-2D models.

Introducing Flood Cloud

Find out more about how much it costs to use Flood Cloud, including the number of credits charged for different types of simulations.

Additional software

Flood Viewer represents flood information in an interactive way, enabling better decision-making and more effective engagement with stakeholders.

Flood Viewer

Flood Viewer represents flood information in an interactive way, enabling better decision-making and more effective stakeholder engagement. It allows users to quickly and effectively visualise data and share outputs.

Flood Alert iPhone 6.jpg

Flood Alert

Flood Alert allows users to receive real time updates on flood alerts and warnings near them, at locations important to them and for the rest of England and Wales. Available on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

TUFLOW flood mapping results highlighting potential flood risk


TUFLOW is an independent 1D and 2D flood model which also links to Flood Modeller. Jacobs is a distributor for TUFLOW, providing technical support and specialist training.

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