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Flood Modeller's industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers allow you to seamlessly model large and complex river, floodplain and urban drainage systems

Flood Modeller 2D outputs displayed on a map
Flood Cloud can display real-time feedback on your desktop
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Flood Cloud helps you to deliver your Flood Modeller, TUFLOW and HEC-RAS projects faster and cost effectively – providing on-demand resources in the cloud


The TUFLOW link enables users to dynamically link the Flood Modeller 1D solver with TUFLOW (2D), it’s 1D component (ESTRY) as well as the new 2D HPC solver which utilises GPU technology.


The SWMM link combines the 1D and 2D functionality in Flood Modeller with that of the US EPA SWMM model. Where pipe networks overflow, links to Flood Modeller and can be incorporated to model the resulting surface flows and possible flood scenarios.

FEWS Adapter

Flood modeller integrates with Deltares' flood early warning system (FEWS) to provide a state-of-the-art hydrological forecasting and warning system.

Our software is trusted by government, utilities, insurers, universities, consultants and members of the public .

1D modelling case studies

River Danube

Navigation improvements, Romania

The purpose of this project is to identify solutions to ensure navigation conditions of the River Danube, in particular to improve the depth and width of the navigation fairway.

River Spey, Scotland

Flood forecasting, Scotland

Jacobs are working extensively with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in Scotland (United Kingdom), to help develop and improve SEPA’s flood warning systems.

ISIS was the core modelling tool used within the Rio Salado Master Plan project in Argentina

Master planning, Argentina

Our 1D solver was used within the Rio Salado Master Plan project in Argentina. The study area was the 170,000 km2 Rio Salado Catchment to the south and west of Buenos Aires.

Flooding of the Tonle Sap, a tributary of the Mekong River in Cambodia

Basin planning, Mekong

The Mekong River Commission has used Jacobs' flood modelling software for over 10 years to inform decision makers on the likely impacts of development scenarios.

Taihu basin

Scenario analysis, China

In order to understand the potential flood impacts and responses, 1D modelling for the Taihu Basin Authority was carried out to generate credible evidence of flood risk.

Cotswold Canal Modelling, England

Canal modelling, England

Flood Modeller Pro's 1D solver was used to support a four-mile canal restoration project,  between Wallbridge and Ebley, on the Cotswold Canals through Stroud.

Mersey estuary

Flood forecasting, England

To improve forecasts for the Tidal Mersey in Warrington, a hydrodynamic forecasting model was developed, extending from Gladstone Dock to the Woolston Siphon Weir.

Flood mapping, England

Flood mapping, England

Enzygo used our 1D solver to review flood maps which could potentially impact on new development, bringing areas of land into flood zones that had no record of previous flooding.

Managing tidal flood risk in London, England

Tidal flooding, England

Our software is the model of choice for supporting the Thames Barrier's operation and informing the development of the Environment Agency's TE2100 long-term strategy.

One-dimensional hydraulic modelling of the New River, England

System capacity, England

Thames Water produced a 1D model of the entire New River system in order to understand better the system's capacity and improve the river's operations.

Modelling outputs displayed using ISIS MAPPER

Modelling the Têt, France

BRL Ingénierie modelled the River Têt and its tributaries in order to develop a flood risk management plan. The study modelled 25km of river covering an area of 45km2.

Somerset levels and moors, England

Scenario analysis, England

Black & Veatch modelled the Somerset Levels and Moors, a managed catchment which is controlled by a network of structures and pumping stations.

River Clyde Flood Management Strategy, Scotland

Catchment plan, Scotland

Glasgow City Council commissioned the River Clyde Flood Management Strategy to develop a long-term plan to address potential flood risk along the River Clyde. Catchment-wide modelling was carried out using our 1D solver.

Whitecart flood prevention scheme, Scotland

Scheme design, Scotland

Glasgow City Council embarked on the White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme, using the 1D solver, to provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution to flood risk.

Options appraisal - an efficient and flexible way to remove structures

Options appraisal, England

Flood Modeller Pro was used to determine the impact on flood levels from numerous structures across eight different fluvial catchments throughout England.

1D modelling, England

1D modelling, England

Flood Modeller Pro’s 1D solver was used to help assess and design components of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games park infrastructure.

2D modelling case studies

2D modelling, Dubai.png

2D modelling, Dubai

Flood Modeller Pro's 2D ADI solver was used to perform the flood risk analysis for this project due to the complex flow patterns in the urban environment.

Case study.png

SWMM-Flood Modeller Coupling, USA

Jacobs developed a coupled SWMM-Flood Modeller 2D model to identify locations at risk of flooding when the subsurface drainage system exceeds capacity.

ISIS 2D outputs represented in the area of the proposed water control structure

Catchment plan, Argentina

A geomorphological study was undertaken for the Pilcomayo River basin to provide secure access to Pilcomayo water resources for both Argentina and Paraguay.


Dam breach analysis, USA

Jacobs performed dam-breach modelling to confirm hazard classification of the Lane City Reservoir dam and develop dam-failure inundation maps for an Emergency Action Plan.

Environmental impact assessment, Australia

EIA modelling, Australia

QGC Pty Ltd used the 2D FAST solver within Flood Modeller Pro to carry out an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) in Queensland, Australia.

Yanga National Park, Australia

Flood mapping, Australia

To understand the extent of flooding for Yanga National Park, an area covering 760 km2 in Australia, the 2D FAST solver was used as an environmental water management tool.

ISIS 2D flood modelling outputs displayed within ISIS MAPPER

Flood mapping, Canada

A flood mapping study for the Grand River watershed in Ontario was carried out to produce fluvial flood outlines and flood depths, taking into account property damages.

Inundation flood mapping in Boston, USA

Inundation mapping, USA

Forecasted precipitation, sea level rise, storm surge and river dynamics in and around Boston for the present and future years has been mapped using the 2D FAST solver.

Lowestoft Estuary Inception Modelling Study, England

Tidal modelling, England

To map flood risk from a potential tidal storm surge propagating up the Lowestoft Estuary and into Lake Lothing, the 2D ADI solver was used to develop a model.

Forsyth County GA USA

Watershed modelling, USA

Jacobs have modelled and mapped the existing and future conditions floodplains for all flooding sources on a watershed by watershed basis using Flood Modeller Pro.

The 2D FAST solver was used to provide a rapid assessment of potential locations where pluvial flooding may occur

Pluvial flood risk, Ireland

A rapid assessment of potential locations where pluvial flooding may occur has been carried out as part of a flood risk assessment and management study.

Visualising flood depths and velocities in the Marikina, Philippines

Risk mapping, Philippines

The Philippines Department of Science and Technology has initiated the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards programme to help manage flood risk.

Cobbinshaw reservoir

Breach analysis, Scotland

British Waterways Scotland (now Scottish Canals) requested that a breach analysis of Cobbinshaw Reservoir should be carried out to reassess the dam category.


Watershed modelling, USA

Jacobs have used the 2D FAST (Dynamic) solver to identify areas with the highest risk of flooding as part of a watershed assessment for Radnor Township in Pennsylvania, USA.

National flood mapping, Scotland

Flood mapping, Scotland

SEPA produced a national surface water flood map to cover the whole of Scotland; 78,000 km2. The map complements the fluvial and coastal maps already available.

Outputs from Flood Modeller Pro represent flood extents for Saint Vrain Creek

2D flood modelling, USA

Flood Modeller Pro's 2D ADI solver was used to identify critical split flow paths and assist in establishing the hydraulic baseline for a 1D model.


Watershed modelling, USA

The 2D FAST solver was used to deliver a watershed evaluation as part of the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Watershed Management Program.

Storm surge barriers NYC.png

Storm barrier study, USA

Jacobs completed a study for the New York City Economic Development Corporation on flood protection for New York City’s Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek.

1D-2D modelling case studies

Flood modelling of the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia

Flood mapping, Australia

To evaluate the impact of development on surrounding water levels, fluvial and direct rainfall flooding was modelled in a sub-catchment of the Parramatta River.

Flooding is a signifcant problem for Aston Cantlow

Multiple sources, England

An integrated mapping model for surface water and fluvial flooding was developed using Flood Modeller Pro to determine the potential flood risk from combined sources.

The Office of Public Works in Ireland is undertaking an in-house Catchment-based Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study of the Suir catchment in Ireland as part of the National CFRAM programme

Catchment study, Ireland

The OPW is using our 1D solver and TUFLOW to identify and map the potential existing and future flood hazard and flood risk areas for a range of annual exceedence probabilities.

canal modelling england.png

Canal modelling, England

The interaction between the Grand Union Canal and the river Ouzel was investigated during high flow events at Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire (England).

ISIS was used to model over 700km of the Siret river and major tributaties

Flood mapping, Romania

Over 700km of the Siret River and its major tributaries were modelled using our 1D solver. In urban areas the 2D ADI solver has been used to model the floodplain.

Orton Meadows.png

1D-2D modelling, England

CH2M was commissioned by the Environment Agency (England) to conduct a linked 1D-2D flood modelling exercise at Orton Meadows in Peterborough, England.

Catterick 1

Scheme design, England

Flood Modeller Pro was a key tool used in the design stages of a proposed flood storage reservoir to alleviate the flood risk in the Yorkshire village of Catterick, England.

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