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Our team are available to advise you on the most appropriate software and cost-effective licensing to meet your specific needs.

Flood Modeller

Flood Modeller is available at no cost and provides extensive 1D and 2D functionality. For larger projects, seamlessly upgrade to a paid-for licence, which are available to rent and buy.

Flood Cloud

Flood Cloud helps you to deliver your projects faster and cost effectively – providing on-demand resources in the cloud. It is a pay-as-you-go service meaning you only pay for what you use.


Jacobs is a distributor for TUFLOW, providing technical support and training. Link TUFLOW with Flood Modeller to access a user-friendly interface, complex structures and logical rules.


Ideal for users who work independently or as part of a smaller group. The software is run from a USB dongle and will allow users to run the software on a single machine at any one time.


Perfect for users that are based in different offices as it provides instant access to the software. It allows organisations to better utilise existing software, reducing the need to purchase additional licenses.


Our software can be rented on a short-term or annual basis depending on your specific requirements. Existing users of the software can also rent add-ons to temporarily increase their software's capabilities.


Universities can use the Free version of Flood Modeller for their studies. Licences with increased functionality can also be purchased for teaching and research purposes, at significant discounts.

Support and maintenance

A support and maintenance contract is much more than just technical support for your software. Over 98% of our clients annually renew their contracts as it provides extensive benefits. Whichever licensing option you select, support and maintenance is available from our global support network.

In addition to an annual support contracts for Flood Modeller and TUFLOW, organisations can purchase an optional SupportPlus package, which complements their standard contract. SupportPlus provides various benefits which improve an organisation's overall Flood Modeller and TUFLOW experience, including access to Flood Cloud, conference tickets and discounted training.

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