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Want to better utilise your existing network licences?

In this article, we share three ways you can optimise your existing network Flood Modeller licences, potentially saving you thousands in new licence fees. It may also be of interest to new users, who may be considering which edition(s) of Flood Modeller to purchase.

#1 Reduce your edition from within Flood Modeller

We offer four different editions of Flood Modeller: Lite, Standard, Professional and Unlimited. Each edition offers different capabilities and varies in price. If your existing Flood Modeller licence portfolio has more than one edition, reducing your licence may help!

Many organisations have multiple users with different roles; some need to build or run models, others need to check or review model schematisation and others may just want to view the final outputs.

In Flood Modeller 5.1 or later, you can quickly and easily access the ‘Reduce licence’ feature from the ‘Start’ menu. As each edition of Flood Modeller allows you to view models of any size, why not ‘reduce’ your licence from Unlimited to Professional or from Professional to Standard, and free up those licences with a greater number of nodes and cells for users building or running models.

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#2 Select your edition using the configuration file

Option #1 is useful when you have regularly varying requirements in terms of edition. However, there is still some reliance upon the end user to manually reduce their licence.

If you have defined user groups within your organisation, who frequently undertake the same activities, you can specify which edition of Flood Modeller that group has access to by editing the configuration file (available in version 6.0 onwards).

For example, if a user simply needs to view model outputs, then those users could be locked to the Lite edition of Flood Modeller (which is available from just £150 p/m), allowing them to view models of any size. This ensures they’re not using an Unlimited edition licence, which may be of more benefit to somebody building and running models.

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#3 Establish dedicated network licences for each edition

The third option is to set up separate network licences which host different Flood Modeller editions. However, this could impact licence availability in other ways, so we’d recommend this as a last resort!

This solution would allow those users viewing models to have access to the Lite edition server only or those running larger models to have access to the Professional and Unlimited editions, whilst removing any reliance on the end-user to reduce their licence manually.

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