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The sky’s the limit… unlimited viewing for all

As part of the new Flood Modeller 6.0 licensing structure, users will benefit from having access to a range of new features that were previously paid-for add-ons, including the 1D urban solver, 2D GPU solver, Water Quality and Sediment Transport.

In addition to these features, we’ve increased the viewing capabilities within each edition of Flood Modeller (Lite, Standard, Professional and Unlimited) to allow users to view 1D models of any size.

This will allow users to open large river or urban drainage networks using Flood Modeller’s GIS interface and quickly visualise the data. Users will be able to analyse key characteristics of the model, view inflow data, review cross-section and long-section plots and check the schematisation of the model.

This will be particularly useful for those users reviewing models, who do not need to edit, save or run models, as the newly launched Lite edition of Flood Modeller can be used, which is available from just £125 per month.

To increase the viewing capabilities of your existing licence, follow the FAQs on our website to upgrade to version 6.0. For further information on the various licensing options, request pricing.


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