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Simplify your use of hydraulic structures

In this month’s tip of the month, Dr. Beccy Haunton, Client Services Manager, provides a 'How to' guide on one of the new features available in version 5.0, embedded structures.

A modelled 2D domain may contain key flow paths that are not picked up by the topography data you have available. These could be channels, conduits transporting flows through embankments, or even short pathways such as archways under a bridge.

Flood Modeller 5.0 provides the option to embed multiple 1D culvert, weir or orifice nodes directly within your 2D model to account for these flow paths.

The advantage of this method is the flow through the embedded structure is calculated by new components of the 2D solver. These allow the 1D component to run dry whilst retaining stability, whereas this would not be possible by integrating a full river network.

The interface includes simple to use tools for defining these embedded 1D components: you just draw a line to represent a channel or structure and the tool prompts for appropriate 1D properties to be defined.

Read our ‘How to’ document for a step-by-step guide to simplify the use of hydraulic structures within 2D domains.


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