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Quickly and easily share model outputs using Flood Viewer

Clients and non-technical stakeholders don’t always have the expertise to study flood models in depth. They often require a snapshot of the situation and an intuitive way to visualise flood extents. That’s where Flood Viewer is in its element.

Flood Modeller has introduced a host of new features to streamline the way you build, run and share models – from the Project Catalogue tool and the Batch Runner through to the wealth of visualisation options – including the built-in map view with access to global background mapping and the 3D viewer. These are powerful tools that help you to visualise and understand your model outputs (and share them, for example through animations), but many of the important stakeholders in modelling projects are not modelling or geospatial experts. Many will not have (or cannot have) Flood Modeller or GIS software installed.

5 reasons why you should be using Flood Viewer:

  • You can create user-friendly web visualisations with built-in background mapping through a simple setup tool in Flood Modeller

  • It is completely free to use

  • You can easily share your model outputs with anyone, simply by sharing a link

  • It’s powered by modern web technologies and mapping techniques

  • It’s compatible with any flood extent data, including from Flood Modeller and TUFLOW

Flood Viewer provides an integrated solution for sharing flood extents simply by sending someone a link, streamlining the way you collaborate with colleagues and clients. The setup tool in Flood Modeller helps you create a project, uploads your model outputs to the Flood Viewer server and provides you with a unique link.

Flood Viewer was originally developed for flood incident rooms, to make it easier to reliably access vital flood extents and contextual information leading up to and during a flood event. However, it is also a useful tool for anybody wishing to share flood extents, whether they’re a flood modeller, project manager or non-technical project stakeholder.

There are two versions of Flood Viewer, which can both be generated using Flood Modeller’s Flood Viewer setup tool using your flood extent and other layers:

  • The original version provides you with a completely offline self-contained package – including automatically downloaded Ordnance Survey Open Data background mapping for anywhere in the UK.

  • The latest update to Flood Viewer includes an online hosting feature, where it uploads your data and generates a simple link that you can then easily share with colleagues and clients alike. Background mapping is built in and now works across the globe with no setup required, with three different layers to choose from (including satellite imagery).

The user interface provides a simple slider, which offers an intuitive way of fading between results by simply dragging up and down. It is also designed to work well with touch screen devices such as iPads and other tablets.

Flood Viewer can also be accessed, at no cost, by downloading Flood Modeller. For further information, contact Flood Modeller Support.

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