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More enhancements to improve your modelling with Flood Modeller 6.1

The latest version of Jacobs' leading flood modelling software, Flood Modeller 6.1, brings a number of enhancements to your modelling, whether it’s faster simulation times or more efficient processes, it offers additional capabilities to improve your experience as well as boost your productivity.

Below we highlight two features included in Flood Modeller 6.1 which aim to simplify access to useful data, enabling you to enrich your maps, as well as an enhancement that will allow you to confidently and accurately calculate snow melt.


Our Online Services tool now includes a list of Web Feature Service layers alongside the Web Mapping Service layers already available in the software. This added capability allows modellers to quickly and easily select the layers they want to add to their maps. ​


The snow melt calculation available in the software has been updated to align with the current Environment Agency (England) guidelines.

The FEH rainfall-runoff boundary in our 1D River solver now combines two calculations of snow melt rate enabling you to model the impact of snow melt more accurately. These include:

- Original calculation for the antecedent conditions;

- Enhanced method to calculate an increased rate during storm events.

Already a Flood Modeller user? Start benefiting from the latest enhancements available as part of Flood Modeller 6.1 now! *

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Another great way to learn more about the software and trial it is to attend one of our training courses. Each participant is given access to a Flood Modeller licence for a month!

* Current support and maintenance contract or annual or monthly subscription licence required.


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