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Jacobs' first open-source software code goes public

Flood Modeller's Python API is a free and open-source python package which provides a bridge between Flood Modeller and the python programming language to extend the capabilities of Flood Modeller with automated workflows.

The Flood Modeller Python API, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence v3, gives users the freedom to customise Flood Modeller and to develop their own processes and tools.

Independent from Flood Modeller, it allows for programmatic interaction with the modelling software’s main data types. This opens a door to a large number of use cases which would previously be extremely time consuming or difficult to implement. It means repetitive or computationally intensive tasks can be easily automated by users.

The Flood Modeller API gives users the ability to work with Flood Modeller files in a way that can be seamlessly built into their own automated workflows. Combined with the thousands of openly available Python packages, the possible use cases are truly endless.

We have made the code available on GitHub, enabling anyone to access, share and explore code, and drive community innovation.

To get the most out of the Flood Modeller Python API, we encourage people to share their ideas and code so that other people can learn, collaborate and be inspired to take flood modelling to a whole new level!

To find out more about Flood Modeller’s Python API, please contact a member of our team.


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