Improve your understanding of flood risk with Flood Modeller's 1D urban solver

The new 1D urban solver, coming as part of Flood Modeller v5.0, has been specifically developed to provide a more detailed and integrated understanding of flood risk in urban areas.

Flood Modeller now offers river network modelling using our industry-leading 1D river solver, drainage network modelling thanks to the brand new 1D urban solver as well as surface water flow modelling using our suite of 2D solvers. This all-encompassing solution enhances your productivity by reducing model linking and conversion times, as well as costs, with all your requirements now available within one flood modelling software.

Register now for our upcoming webinar, integrated catchment modelling using Flood Modeller, on Wednesday 11th November at 12 PM GMT to learn more about the 1D urban solver.

Visualise your 1D urban models directly

Simply switch the 1D urban selection mode on or off to look at all of the different components of an integrated modelling system, directly within Flood Modeller. The easy to use interface gives you everything you need, saving you time importing and converting your data, and money spent on third-party software - no need for other software.

Edit your 1D urban models and link properties

Easily load an existing urban network to Flood Modeller and edit the sub-surface and surface flow by linking the 1D urban solver to Flood Modeller’s 1D river and 2D solvers.

Configure and run existing 1D urban models

No need for third-party integration tools - everything can be done at the click of a button in one application, reducing your licensing costs, saving you time and money.

Plot time series and long section results from your 1D urban simulations

Directly view and manage water levels over time within existing 1D urban models directly within Flood Modeller.

Dynamically link 1D urban models to 1D River and 2D models

Simply build a fully integrated modelling system, which includes water levels, drainage networks and surface water flows within a single environment.

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