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How to save simulation summary output data

This tip of the month highlights how you can save simulation summary output data. You can keep a record of the information displayed at simulation runtime, including parameters and multiple graphs. This can be then used later for review purposes.

To save and view simulation summary outputs:

  1. On the home tab, click ‘General’.

  2. The application settings will open in a new window.

  3. On the project settings tab, check the box to ‘save simulation summary files’.

  4. Click ‘Apply’, and then ‘OK’ in the pop-up that appears. Then close the application settings window.

  5. Run a simulation in the normal manner and wait until this has completed. This can be a 1D river, 1D urban, 2D or integrated simulation.

  6. Navigate to the folder containing the simulation and locate the Excel file with the same name as the simulation.

  7. Open this file in Excel to review the outputs that were displayed at simulation runtime.

Once this setting is in place, all the simulation summaries will be saved automatically. You will need to go back into the setting menu to disable the feature.

In the case of a linked model, the output file will include separate sheets for the 1D river, 1D urban and 2D data.

Watch how it’s done!


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