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Flood Cloud wins Innovation of the Year Award

On Friday 12th July at the CIWEM (Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) Tyne & Humber Branch Awards in Leeds, members of the Flood Modeller team were very proud to receive the Innovation of the Year Award for our Flood Cloud service.

The continual advances in flood modelling software packages coupled with significant and continuous advancements in computing technology, data availability, and uncertainty over future climatic variability have fuelled demand for more detailed and robust analysis, which provides a greater understanding of the certainty (or uncertainty) of flood risk.

Flood Cloud is a one-of-a-kind service which combines today’s technological solutions and proven industry standard flood modelling software. It is an innovative, secure, and robust cloud-based platform that empowers any user to run compute-intensive simulations and data analytics workflows faster, at greater scale, and more cost effectively than ever before using cloud computing resources.

Flood Cloud is available to anyone, no licensing restrictions, and compatible with multiple software packages. Jacobs have collaborated with software vendors to enable widely available flood modelling packages to work with Flood Cloud. The Flood Cloud service is currently compatible with Flood Modeller (Jacobs), TUFLOW (BMT) and HEC-RAS (U.S. Army Corps Engineers) and will soon be compatible with SWMM (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

Improving our understanding of flood risk in cities is vital to ensuring cities remain resilient to both present day and future flooding as possible. By allowing users to run many more simulations than they were previously able to, Flood Cloud provides us with the opportunity to understand flood risk in cities in more detail than ever before, providing unprecedented social, economic and environmental benefits for communities facing climate threats.

To find out more about Flood Modeller, contact our sales team.


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