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Flood Cloud awarded CCBJ Award for Climate Change Risk Modeling

Flood Cloud wins Climate Change Business Journal Technology Merit Award for Climate Change Risk Modeling and Assessment.

Jacobs are delighted to announce that Flood Cloud has been recognised with a Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ)Technology Merit Award for its contribution to Climate Change Risk Modeling and Assessment. This award was announced as part of the 10th annual CCBJ Business Achievement Awards that recognise excellent business performance and achievement within the climate change industry.

Flood Cloud was chosen particularly for its role in making the cloud much more accessible to an increasing number of flood modellers, thanks to its compatibility with Flood Modeller, TUFLOW and HEC-RAS models. The ability to run an almost infinitely large ensemble of simulations simultaneously in the cloud means that modellers are more able to explore the impact of climate change on predictions of flooding and help assess how these risks could be mitigated in the future.

“Turning a complex technical challenge into a solution that is simple to use, accessible to everyone, and cost effective has not been easy. It’s taken several years of effort by a team of scientists and programmers and its tremendously rewarding to see this effort being recognised by CCBJ. Cloud computing, and specifically Flood Cloud, will change the way we try to solve some of the greatest challenges we face from climate change.” Dr Richard Crowder.

Follow the links to find out more about Flood Cloud or to download the standalone version of Flood Cloud.

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