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Five reasons why you should upgrade to a cloud licence

Flood Modeller offers various licensing options, but our cloud licences offer greater flexibility and a wide range of benefits that aren't available with standalone licences.

1. Access the software on any machine

Cloud licences are perfect for users that are based in different offices or for those who work from home or on site regularly, as they provide instant access to Flood Modeller remotely, from anywhere in the world. Licence usage is optimised with the physical barrier (dongle/machine) being removed. Users can work on a more secure platform as licences can be fully managed and hosted by your organisation’s secure network cloud-based virtual machines.

2. Streamline your hydrological and hydraulic analysis

Be ready to use Hydrology+ as soon as it is available and at no additional cost. Flood Modeller’s revolutionary new feature, Hydrology+, will only be available on our cloud licences. The new module will streamline the integration of hydrological and hydraulic analysis, reducing costs and providing a clear audit trail and synchronicity across the hydrological and hydraulic modelling technical disciplines and workflows. Become an early adopter by upgrading your standalone licence today.

3. Harness high-performance virtual machines

Working in the cloud enables you to carry out faster and more complex modelling. With more and more data to manage and larger, extremely detailed models to build and run, access to the high-performance virtual machines unlocks limitless opportunities to undertake compute-intensive projects.

4. Enhanced licence management

The administrative burden is reduced, and you can easily upgrade to the latest versions of the software as they become available. Deployment of our cloud licences is managed centrally by your IT department allowing users across your organisation can access the most recent versions of the software directly.

5. Optimised deployment of licences

Cut future licensing costs whilst training more users. Flood Modeller cloud licences can be used regardless of location or time zone, meaning users around the world can have access to your software as long as they are available, allowing you to make the most of Flood Modeller as well as save on the number of licences you need to buy. You can also have a mix of different edition licences and manage who has access to each one. For example, modellers working on site specific studies, or those learning how to use the software, can utilise the Lite or Standard edition, whereas those modelling large catchments can benefit from the Professional edition.

Organisations that are already using a standalone licence can seamlessly upgrade their software to a cloud licence. We’ll also provide a two-week transition period which will allow you to install and test your software to ensure you don’t experience any downtime.

For further information on the benefits of cloud licences, or to discuss your licensing requirements, please email: or call a member of our team: +44 (0)845 094 7990.


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