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Faster than ever before | 2D GPU solver

As you may already know, Flood Modeller 6.1 is now available. You can now access our amazingly fast 2D GPU solver to reduce run times to minutes instead of days!

We have taken our existing highly accurate 2D TVD solver, which has been previously benchmarked and proven to be highly accurate and robust, and enabled it to run on the GPU, giving you access to amazing speed improvements.

Flood Modeller’s 2D TVD solver is well suited to a wide range of applications including fluvial, overland, and coastal flows. It excels at modelling both gradual and rapidly varying flow conditions and is capable of modelling trans-critical flow in applications such dam breach, modelling very steep catchments or flow down spillways. This makes it one of the most versatile, robust, and accurate 2D solvers available to modellers.

The addition of the 2D GPU solver makes no change to the way you build and set up your models or link to the 1D River or 1D Urban solvers. Just select GPU when you want to run your simulation and get your results in the fraction of the time you would on the CPU.

Our GPU-enabled 2D solver brings you even greater time savings when modelling larger catchments. For example, in one of our tests running a 1,000,000-cell model on the GPU took less than 3% of the time (15.2 mins) it took to run it on the CPU (12 hours)!

We have carried out extensive testing and benchmarking to make sure the GPU solver meets the highest possible standards and is optimised for speed. Check out our benchmarking results.

This means model grid size is no longer a limiting factor. You can now quickly and easily access multiple scenarios for very large and/or highly detailed models in just minutes or hours instead of days.

A 28-million-cell model covering 700 km2 (5m grid), with a 175-hour event duration, took only 4.2 hours to run!

Imagine all the things you could do with this time savings. With significantly reduced model simulation times you could improve your model calibration, undertake more complex residual uncertainty analysis, or assess more design options.

The Environment Agency have already started using our GPU solver for real-time 2D flood forecasting!

If you already have a Professional or Unlimited edition of Flood Modeller you can start using the GPU enabled 2D solver straight away*. Simply download 6.1 now.

New to Flood Modeller? Find out how you can boost your 2D modelling capabilities for less or get in touch now:

* Current support and maintenance contract or annual or monthly subscription licence required.


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