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Enhanced 2D modelling | Faster, simpler, and more efficient

At Jacobs we strive to aim higher. The Flood Modeller team is working hard to bring customers regular updates that enhance productivity, improve the modellers’ experience, and delivers faster analysis, while never compromising on accuracy.

The latest version of the software, Flood Modeller 6.1, is no exception. It brings innovative enhancements that are enabling users to boost their 2D capabilities and accelerate their project delivery.

As well as including the fastest 2D solver on the market, Flood Modeller 6.1 now also offers up to 300% more 2D cells in its Lite, Standard and Professional editions, giving users the ability to model larger, more detailed catchments that can run in minutes instead of days.

Additional enhancements include:


2D models can produce a wide range of data. Finding these files and then loading the data manually, can be time consuming and counterproductive.

One of the new functionalities available within Flood Modeller makes loading your 2D results quicker and more intuitive.

Watch how below!


No need to convert your files! The 2D Flood Map tool is now compatible with a whole host of input data, and you can process multiple results at once.

Watch to find out more.

If you already have a Flood Modeller licence, simply download 6.1 to start making the most of the latest 2D enhancements*. Not a Flood Modeller customer yet? Get in touch to book a demo and start your free two-week trial or find out more about our pricing.

Did you know that by booking a space on one of our training courses, you get access to a Flood Modeller licence for a month! What a great way to learn more about the software and trial it!

* Current support and maintenance contract or annual or monthly subscription licence required.


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