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Coming soon in Flood Modeller version 6.1

We are excited to announce that Flood Modeller 6.1 will be released this October. In addition to many new features, we are increasing the number of 2D cells you get by up to 300% and reducing the cost of annual subscriptions by up to 40%.

The Jacobs development team has been working tirelessly to bring you innovations, capabilities, and tools that improve and simplify your modelling experience. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the fantastic features coming your way.

THE FASTEST 2D SOLVER – Reduce your simulation times from hours or days to just minutes. Our 2D solver is now GPU enabled and is ready for general release – it’s amazingly fast!

One of our benchmarking datasets, which has over 3 million cells, has seen the simulation time reduce from 12 hours on the CPU to just a few minutes on the GPU. We will be releasing some benchmarking datasets so you can see and test out the speed improvements yourself.

INCREASED NUMBER OF 2D CELLS – We’re increasing the number of 2D cells available in the Lite, Standard and Professional editions, giving you the ability to increase the detail of your 2D models by up to 300% without the need to upgrade your licence.

GREATER CONTROL OVER DIAGNOSTICS – We’ve improved 2D diagnostic outputs with smaller size files and clearer warning messages, making identifying issues and troubleshooting much easier.

FASTER 1D-2D RESULTS REVIEW – New tools now give you direct and easy access to all of your 2D results, including linked 1D networks, loading them all to your map view in one single process.

IMPROVED 2D FLOOD MAPPING POST PROCESSING - The redesigned version of the 2D flood map tool enables you to effortlessly load outputs from multiple models, including 2D and 1D-2D linked models, and process these in a single, easy to specify operation. We have also added the xmdf, netcdf and GeoTIFF file formats, removing the need to convert your files.

UPDATED SNOWMELT METHOD – The FEH rainfall-runoff boundary in our 1D River solver now incorporates an updated handling of the impacts of snow melt. This improved calculation method, allows users to confidently and accurately model the snow melt contributions to run off during times of rain and conform to the current UK guidance.

NEW WEB FEATURE SERVICE – We have added a Web Feature Service (WFS) layer enabling you to easily access GIS datasets (e.g. Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey) at the click of a button directly within the Flood Modeller user interface.

ENHANCED TOOLS FOR CALIBRATION FILES – Two tools for the creation of calibration files have been significantly enhanced. As well as being easier and faster to use, these tools will enable you to automatically look up the nodes in an active network and paste the data from Excel to create new gauge records. They are also compatible with real date formats and include extended metadata storage.

PRICE REDUCTIONS – Yes, we’re decreasing prices! The cost of our annual subscription licence is reducing by up to 40%! This, combined with the increase in 2D cells, brings you great savings and even greater capabilities.

Many more improvements have been made to the toolbox, the user interface and much more – we can’t wait to show you!


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