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Building a stable and robust 1D urban linked model

Flood Modeller’s new 1D urban solver allows you to model sewer networks and other drainage systems within the powerful user interface. It can be dynamically linked to the 1D river solver to model channels, or its 2D solver to model surface water flow, to model the interaction with and the impact on the drainage network.

Our tip of the month provides all the information you need to set up all the checks that should be performed when an existing 1D urban network is linked to 2D model. This is to ensure all urban and 2D parameters are set to enable a stable and robust linked model in which flow can be exchanged in both directions between the different components.

Our checklist details which parameters might need to be adjusted and explains how the model diagnostic information can help you set up a stable and correct linked model. The focus of this month’s tip is on the linking of 1D urban junction nodes to 2D domains. When linking to other 1D urban node types, e.g. outfalls, you only consider a subset of the parameters detailed in the checklist.


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