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Accelerate your model build in a few simple steps

Before Flood Modeller 5.0, embedding 1D structures, such as culverts and weirs, within a 2D domain was complex. Working with multiple components required time and a thorough understanding of linking models as you needed to build a 1D river model and then link it to your 2D domain.

This is now a thing of the past, in version 5.0, 1D structures can be embedded directly into your 2D domain. In just a few simple steps, you can define culverts, weirs and orifices directly within the 2D solver, without the need to build and link to a full 1D river network.

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Simplify your model

Embedded structures are now defined as independent model components. Each domain of a 2D model can incorporate multiple embedded 1D structures.

Available structures are:

  • Culvert – incorporates any existing 1D conduit shape, coupled with entry and exit losses and optional bend

  • Weir – can be any existing weir type

  • Orifice

Structures within a 2D model are defined with the same properties as within a 1D river network, but with the advantage that they are not restricted to always being ‘wet’ and therefore provide a more stable option.

A new 2D build tool has also been added to enable the quick and easy definition of embedded 1D structures. It enables you to customise the structures design based on guidelines set by the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA), a neutral, independent and not-for-profit body.

Embedding a 1D structure within a 2D model is as simple as drawing a line using the shapefile editor tools in the location of the 1D structure. The new embedded structures tool then allows you to define your 1D structures. The structure dimensions can be specified either by yourself or by utilising the length and line direction represented by the shapefile polyline.

This new tool will save you significant time and accelerate model building, enhancing your overall modelling experience.

For a more information on embedded structures within Flood Modeller, register for our webinar on Monday 7th December at 12pm GMT - Register here

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