8 tools to transform your flood modelling

Are you looking for ways to enhance your flood modelling projects? This article introduces 8 top tools, within Flood Modeller, which can transform your flood modelling.

The following tools have been specifically designed to improve productivity and efficiency, and streamline the way you use Flood Modeller across your projects. Whether you need to import and visualise third-party data, accelerate the time it takes to obtain results or ensure the accuracy of your model, we have a tool that can help!

Damage Calculator

The Damage Calculator tool is designed to help you estimate residential and commercial property damage caused by flooding. It allows you to process large datasets to quickly assess the overall economic impact of flooding on a catchment. It gives you options to calculate the following: annual averaged damage, present value damage, effect of property level protection and risk to life calculations.This allows you to better understand the severity of a flood event. It's easy to interrogate outputs either using Flood Modeller’s map view, or you can seamlessly transfer data to Microsoft Excel.

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Catalogue Tool

The Catalogue tool is designed to help organise and manage all data associated with your flood modelling projects. It helps you collect all of the key data associated with your modelling project which supports Building Information Modelling (BIM) compliance. It provides an enhanced lookup facility and makes it easier to access data for model reviews or to run new simulations. It simplifies modelling progress monitoring and enables you to quickly check that all expected files have been received. In addition, you can share model data more effectively.

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Flood Cloud

Flood Cloud allows you to get your flood modelling results in hours not days.It enables you to accelerate running large numbers of simulations which provide results fast. Flood Cloud allow you to undertake greater analysis by enabling improved calibration, a better understanding of uncertainty and more options to be assessed for better designs. It is a fully automated solution that manages the entire process at the click of a button.

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Flood Viewer

Flood Viewer enables you to view and share your model results with others using our free web delivery service.

It is an intuitive tool that allows users to view and interrogate model and other flood-related data effortlessly, without the need for third-party software. You can share information quickly, whilst representing flood information in an interactive way, enabling better decision-making and more effective stakeholder engagement. Flood Viewer is designed to work independently or alongside Flood Modeller.

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Batch Runner

The Batch Runner tool within Flood Modeller allows you to run multiple simulations at once, providing results faster and more efficiently. It allows you to quickly build up a batch run of multiple simulations from your project or catalogue, streamlining the modelling process. All of the simulations are managed effortlessly, including those that may fail. The simulations are run concurrently or sequentially depending on the available processors within your computer. It provides real-time feedback which is displayed within an interactive dashboard, including metadata and diagnostics from each simulation, enabling easy viewing of each simulation being run.

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HEC-RAS Import

The HEC-RAS import tool enables users to import cross-sections defined in HEC-RAS models, automatically converting them to Flood Modeller 1D cross sections, removing the manual conversion process. It allows you to seamlessly build upon existing HEC-RAS models, but access the wide-range of features within Flood Modeller. The import tool can transfer elevation data, distances to next section, geo-referencing and roughness data. In addition, you can add boundary data to create a working Flood Modeller 1D network using HEC-RAS data. It automates repetitive, manual tasks which saves you time and money on your flood modelling projects.

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Results Extractor

The Results Extractor tool is an advanced automation tool specifically developed for collating and presenting 1D model results. It provides an efficient way to gather, organise and validate complex model results and reduces the likelihood of user error as well as saving time. It can be up to 100 times faster than completing the steps manually. Users are then able to turn their 1D results into 2D flood extents using built-in post-processing tools. It enables you to successfully extract and analyse different combinations of output variables.

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Health Checker

The Health Checker tool can help reduce model build times by identifying consistency errors in your data. It is a model checking and auditing tool that can undertake more than 50 types of checks on 1D models. You have the option to select which of the checks are carried out on your model depending on your requirements. It automatically produces a health report for your model after completion of all the checks. It identifies consistency errors, allowing the modelling process to be streamlined, reducing model build times. As a results, this makes models run faster and with better convergence, ensuring your models conform to good modelling practice.

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These tools and features are available across all editions of Flood Modeller including the Free edition. Users who require greater functionality can seamlessly upgrade to the Standard or Professional editions of Flood Modeller as and when required. Contact us for further information. If you have any questions about these tools, please contact our dedicated support team.