5 exciting features coming in Flood Modeller version 5.1

Flood Modeller 5.0, the next generation of Jacobs’ industry-leading flood modelling software, was unveiled earlier this year and we’re already preparing for the release of version 5.1 in September 2021.

Flood Modeller 5.1 brings a number of new features and capabilities, and we wanted to share a few of the things we’ve been working on!

Quick overview | What’s coming soon?

  1. Enhanced 1D urban solver

  2. New 2D GPU solver

  3. Faster and more flexible plotting capabilities

  4. Enhanced hydrological tools

  5. New licence management tools

Enhanced 1D urban solver

Seamlessly build run and analyse all within Flood Modeller – no need to use multiple software packages.

In version 5.1, we will be adding model build capabilities to enhance our recently released 1D urban solver. You will be able to quickly and accurately build your urban drainage system directly within Flood Modeller's powerful user interface, without the need for third-party software.