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Brand new functionality now available in Flood Modeller 5.1

We are very excited to launch the latest update to our industry-leading river, floodplain and urban drainage modelling, and real-time flood forecasting software, Flood Modeller 5.1. The latest version provides a wide-range of new features and capabilities designed to provide a better understanding of flood risk and deliver optimal flood management solutions.

Many of the new features and capabilities have been specifically designed to enhance your modelling, improve productivity and accelerate project delivery.

✔ Simply build, run and visualise your urban drainage models

✔ Reduce simulation runtimes using the new 2D GPU solver

✔ Access the latest ReFH2.3 and FSU hydrological techniques

✔ Faster and more flexible plotting capabilities

✔ Streamline your usage with our new licence management features

To find out more about each feature, download our release factsheet or read our release notes.

Existing users of Flood Modeller with a valid support and maintenance contract can simply upgrade their licence by downloading the latest version of Flood Modeller!

If you’re new to Flood Modeller, please get in touch. We would be happy to recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective licensing solution. We offer monthly, annual and perpetual licensing options and two editions of the software, all of which can be tailored to meet your project requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team. Keep an eye out for more articles with top tips and new functionality in our newsroom or simply follow us on LinkedIn.


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