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09/02/2020 11:41:40

Bob Potter, Development Manager – Flood Modeller

Integrated 1D-2D linked modelling is a popular option for representing flooding from rivers onto adjacent floodplains. It utilises the 1D solver to simulate in-bank river flows efficiently and accurately. It then dynamically exchanges data with a 2D model of the floodplain which will enable accuracy to be maintained together with increased detail, e.g. encompassing flow paths as defined by the topography.

In addition to the industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers within Flood Modeller, TUFLOW users also have the option of linking to Flood Modeller’s 1D solver, allowing them to benefit from an intuitive user interface, wide-range of complex structures and logical rules. TUFLOW’s 1D solver (ESTRY) and HPC GPU solver can also be linked with Flood Modeller.

This month’s tip explains how the link to TUFLOW is specified within Flood Modeller and how to fix things when the link doesn’t work for you.

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