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12/06/2019 13:40:29

Version 4.5 of Jacobs’ industry-leading river and floodplain modelling, and real-time flood forecasting software, Flood Modeller Pro and Flood Modeller Free, is now available to download.

New and enhanced functionality provide an optimised user experience for your flood modelling projects. 

  • More memory – Load larger GIS datasets.
  • New Asymmetrical Conduit Unit - Model closed-topped conduits of any possible shape of cross-section.
  • New Catalogue Tool - Organise and manage all data associated to a river/floodplain modelling project using Flood Modeller and/or TUFLOW.
  • New Pier-Loss Bridge Unit - Model the afflux at bridges where the dominant cause of losses is the friction from piers.
  • New Link Lines Tool - Link your Flood Modeller and TUFLOW models by automatically filling in certain data fields.
  • Flood Cloud - Enhanced model packaging functionality to enable a wider range of model configurations to be run in the cloud.
  • Damage Calculator - Enhance your calculations to include additional damages beyond direct property damage.
  • Link Line Generator Tool – Simpler process thanks to multiple options for creating link lines, utilising properties from the active network, shapefiles and underlying DEM.
  • 1D and 2D enhancements.

For a full description of improvements and enhancements check out the release notes and the fact sheets.

Download it now!

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