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10/05/2019 10:35:42

So far, we have outlined a number of new features and enhancements in Flood Modeller V4.5. These have included the Catalogue Tool and a new Asymmetrical Culvert Unit.

Another important enhancement in Flood Modeller V4.5 is an improved Link Line Generator Tool that includes a number of new options for creating link lines between Flood Modeller 1D and 2D models.

A really useful enhancement is that link line elevations can now be taken from the section end point elevations of the active 1D network (previously it was only possible to take these values from an underlying DEM). This means that link line elevations can be taken directly from surveyed data rather than having to enter these manually.

Another improvement is that either the active network or a point shapefile can now be used to define the start and end points of link lines and the 1D node references, increasing the flexibility offered to users using this tool.

Link locations can also now be defined by joining either the end of full sections or the end of active portions of 1D cross sections. Alternatively, the tool can trace link lines along a specified polyline shapefile or polygon (active area) shapefile (previously only tracing along a polygon was possible).

These enhancements should help to make it even quicker for modellers to build linked 1D-2D models within Flood Modeller.

V4.5 will be available for download very soon!

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