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11/04/2019 13:37:02

Coming soon in version 4.5 is the new Catalogue Tool. The Catalogue Tool has been designed to help organise and manage all data associated to a river/floodplain modelling project using Flood Modeller and/or TUFLOW. It incorporates standardised templates to guide the user to collect all required data associated to a project. The key benefits of the tool comprise:

  • Automatically populates most simulation input and output data.
  • Easier to find data (i.e. inputs, run parameters, results).
  • Easier to monitor modelling progress.
  • Easier to move files to a new location.
  • Easier to check that all expected files are received.

The data a user can collect and catalogue includes:

  • Model files, e.g. Flood Modeller 1D networks (dat), events (ied) and simulations (ief) and/or TUFLOW control files (tcf), boundary files (tbc), geometry files (tgc), etc.
  • Model results, both direct, i.e. raw outputs such as zzn/zzl or xmdf, and indirect, e. g. maximum flood extent outlines and maximum grids.
  • Data to be utilised as model inputs, e.g. DTM/DEM grids, topographic shapefiles, river surveys, gauge time series records, hydrological parameters.
  • Reports and other miscellaneous files associated to the project, e.g. calculation spreadsheets, email records, etc.


Version 4.5 will be released soon, in the meantime you can download the Beta version today.

Contact your local sales representative for more information about the Flood Modeller software.

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