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15/10/2019 13:27:49

Beccy Haunton, Support Manager, Flood Modeller - Jacobs

The issue

You’re trying to open a unit or view a plot, but nothing happens. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the tab for the unit/plot...but clicking this doesn’t appear to do anything.

The REAL issue

The window HAS opened...but off-screen!

The fix

When you select any window on your screen, you can hold down the “Windows” key on your keyboard and press the directional arrows to move the window around (e.g. hold “Windows” and press “left” to move the window to the left).

Windows key 

The same trick will work for the inaccessible Flood Modeller window/plot, although without being able to see it, some guesswork is needed to select which direction to move it!

Another (quick) way to fix it

Select the missing window in the task bar, right click and select “maximise”.

And another (longer) way to fix it

  1. Close out of Flood Modeller completely;
  2. Locate your formsed.ini file and open in a text editor. This is usually located here: C:\Users\[your_username]\AppData\Roaming\Flood Modeller (on some operating systems your AppData folder might be in a different location – if so, speak to your IT team for guidance on the location of this standard Windows folder);
  3. Scroll down to the section(s) on layout and adjust the values for “top” and “left” to 0 as shown below (zero values will place your plot windows at the extreme upper left corner of the screen. You could enter any number less than 500 and your pop-ups will still be visible, just a bit nearer the centre);                                                                                                                      Tip of the month - Where is my window
  4. Save and close the formsed.ini file;
  5. Reopen Flood Modeller and the issue should be fixed.

The insider scoop...

Does this all seem a bit tedious? We certainly think so! Luckily the Flood Modeller development team have been on the case and we can reveal that from the next release, Flood Modeller will automatically check where the window is opening and reset your window position if needed!

Why has this happened?! Why doesn’t re-installation fix it?! (the technical bit...)

This usually happens when the window has been moved previously; onto a second screen or near the edge of a large screen; and a new PC setup means this window position is no longer visible. When you end a Flood Modeller session the formsed.ini file is updated by the software to record your last used positions for your pop-up plot windows (it also stores last used values for some other settings as well). The formsed.ini file is only ever created once - the very first time you run Flood Modeller after installation. It is not part of the installation process itself, therefore re-installation does not recreate this file or reset the window position. If you delete the formed.ini this would trigger Flood Modeller to recreate a new one, with all settings default, at the start of your next session – though we don’t recommend this as you will likely lose some personal settings.

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