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24/01/2019 10:01:18

Water Online recently featured an article by Jacobs' Dr. Jon Wicks and Dr. Richard Crowder discussing how Flood Cloud could be the answer to our current and future modelling needs.

Flood modeling has for more than 50 years underpinned the development of flood risk management solutions. From its initial use in the design of flood defenses, flood modeling is now a key element of most flood risk management responses, including flood forecasting, community awareness raising, operational control, development control, and risk-based asset management. It has also become more widely used by the insurance sector, helping underwriters to better understand the risk and probability flooding.

The continual advances of flood modelling software and the increased availability of high resolution spatial data has made the use of flood models to help understand flood risk in cities and explore ways in which their resilience to flood events can be improved much more feasible. However, as demand to further understand model outputs increases, modellers are needing to run many more model simulations than before that help capture both the uncertainty in the model and quantify the risks in a future climate. This is not a trivial task when running models at such fine spatial resolutions in cities given the large model sizes and long simulation time.

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